Head Start

Program Contact: Michelle Curry
St. Augustine Manor
7911 Detroit Avenue,  Cleveland OH 44102  map-icon • 216.334.2945

Availability: Full-day, Full year / Part-day, 10-month

Fees: Head Start is free to families who are at 100% or below the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Head Start is a comprehensive child development program which serves children 3 to age 5 and their families.  The Head Start program has a long tradition of delivering comprehensive and high quality services designed to foster healthy development in low-income children.  Head Start provides a range of individualized services in the areas of education and early childhood development, medical, dental and mental health, and nutrition and parent involvement.  The entire range of Head Start services is responsive and appropriate to each child and family’s developmental, ethnic, cultural, and linguistic heritage and experience.

We are funded to serve 628 children (220 full-day and 408 part-day).

Head Start Facilities

 King Kennedy Head Start


2511 E. 61st St.

Cleveland, Ohio 44104


216-431-5848 FAX

2 Full Day Classrooms – 40 Children 

                    1 Part Day Classroom – 34 Children                   

 SUTQ 1 Star Rated Center

Martin De Porres Head Start   


1264 E. 123rd St.    

Cleveland, Ohio 44108


216-249-5248 FAX

1 Full Day Classroom – 20 Children

SUTQ 4 Star Rated Center

UPK Designated Site

7255 Garden Valley 

Cleveland, Ohio 44127 

Opening Soon!

Please call 216-334-2945

3 Full Day Classrooms – 60 Children

2 Part Day Classrooms – 68 Children

Riverside Head Start

17800 Parkmount

Cleveland, Ohio 44135


216-267-4715 FAX

1 Full Day Classroom – 20 Children

SUTQ 4 Star Rated Center

UPK Designated Site

Parmadale Head Start

Parmadale/Cottage 5

6753 State Road

Parma, Ohio 44134


440-345-3018 FAX

3 Part Day Classrooms – 102 Children

SUTQ 4 Star Rated Center

St. Thomas Head Start

9101 Superior Avenue

Cleveland, Ohio 44106


216-421-0275 FAX  

1 Part Day Classroom – 34 Children

1 ECEE Classroom – 34 Children

SUTQ 4 Star Rated Center

 Early Childhood Education Expansion Classroom

799 E. 82nd St.

Cleveland, Ohio 44103


216-881-0365 FAX

2 Full Day Classrooms – 40 Children

1 Part Day Classroom – 34 Children

SUTQ 4 Star Rated Center

UPK Designated Site

St. Ignatius Head Start

10205 Lorain Avenue 

Cleveland, Ohio 44111       


216-251-3756 FAX  

2 Full Day Classrooms – 40 Children

4 Part Day Classrooms - 136 Children

SUTQ 4 Star Rated Center

Step Up To Quality (SUTQ)

Ohio’s Step Up To Quality system uses licensing as a strong foundation and sets a clearly defined continuum of increasing quality. It awards programs one‐, two‐, three‐, four‐ and five‐star ratings.

In order to determine a program’s star rating, reviewers assess how well it is performing in four “domains”: Learning & Development,

Administrative & Leadership Practices, Staff Qualifications & Professional Development, and Family & Community Partnerships. These domains – and their corresponding sub‐domains and program standards – were selected after a thorough review of the research literature and promising practices in other states. Research confirms that strong performance in these domains improves outcomes for children. The program standards for each domain do not represent an exhaustive list, but rather the essential list of what matters most for programs to achieve higher levels of quality.

We have six centers that are rated 4-Star (Martin De Porres, Parmadale, Riverside, St. Philip, St. Thomas and St. Ignatius)  one center rated 1-Star (King Kennedy) and one center with no rating Rainbow Terrace) at this time.

Cuyahoga County Universal Pre-Kindergarten


UPK in Cuyahoga County makes high quality early care and education accessible to families at selected sites by providing funding to enhance quality, as well as scholarship assistance to low and moderate income families.

UPK sites meet a series of standards, proven through research to be the hallmarks of quality that result in improved school readiness. These standards include increased teacher qualifications and commensurate compensation, lower staff to child ratios, use of approved curricula, engagement of families, and family linkages to necessary supportive services. Starting Point, the regional child care resource and referral agency, serves as lead agency on this effort, and partners with Invest in Children to provide technical assistance and training to all UPK sites.

We have 3 UPK Centers (St. Philip, Martin De Porres and Riverside).

Early Childhood Education Expansion Funding 

The early childhood education program will provide funding for high-quality early learning services to eligible preschool-aged children through full and part day center-based programs. Selected applicants will provide early education, parent support and linkages to health, social and nutrition services as required by Ohio’s Early Learning Program Standards. These program standards will be utilized and monitored through Step Up To Quality, Ohio’s tiered Quality Rating and Improvement System.

St. Thomas has one classroom of 34 children that is funded through ECE Expansion Funds.