Charter and Bylaws

The Diocese of Cleveland CYO is governed by the Charter and By-laws.  This document, which is approved by the Bishop, defines the organizational framework and general rules of the Diocese of Cleveland Catholic Youth Organization (CYO). The CYO program depends on a relationship of mutuality between athletic administration, sport program staff, and CYO members. The foundational building blocks are as follows:

  • The Charter defines the organizational relationship between CYO athletic administration, CYO program staff, CYO members, and the youth and families who participate in CYO. It requires an annual choice by members to be part of the Diocese of Cleveland CYO. Choosing to be a member indicates full and active support and adherence to the Charter & Bylaws.
  • The By-laws contain specific program rules that apply to all members and contests across the Diocese of Cleveland.
  • CYO Members and Athletic Administration agree to work together to promote good sportsmanship according to the Gospel mission and values of CYO. Together we will nurture and stress positive Christian social interactions and relationships as well as the development of physical skills and cognitive growth.
  • CYO athletic programs are most effective when they are part of the members’ comprehensive ministry to youth.

Each sport has specific rules that rely upon the foundation of the Charter and By-laws.  The sport rules are available on the Sport pages.