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Words from Friends

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"I can’t say enough for the gift that Catholic Charities (and the numerous people who are with your organization) gave me." -Joseph

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About Us

Learn more about the Catholic Charities mission and its place in the Northeast Ohio community.

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Where We Serve

Search our website to find what services we offer in specific counties and across the Diocese.

Fairness and Forgiveness

A Forum on the Death Penalty: October 3, 2015

Volunteers Needed

Apply to volunteer at a Catholic Charities service site or program.

Catholic Charities 2015 Annual Appeal

Open your heart to live joyfully and generously. The Catholic Charities Annual Appeal is an invitation for every Catholic to join with our beloved Pope Francis in opening our hearts to live joyfully and generously. It is the joy of our encounter with Jesus that fills our heart with love for others and changes the course of our lives.