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Words from Friends

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"I can’t say enough for the gift that Catholic Charities (and the numerous people who are with your organization) gave me." -Joseph

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About Us

Learn more about the Catholic Charities mission and its place in the Northeast Ohio community.

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One in Christ

There are still a few more days to support the 2014 Annual Appeal. Click here to learn more.

Volunteers Needed

Apply to volunteer at a Catholic Charities service site or program.

Catholic Charities 2014 Annual Appeal

Although we each have different roles in the Body of Christ, our call is the same - to love one another. The 2014 Catholic Charities Annual Appeal is our opportunity to come together in Christ, to thank Him for the gifts He has freely given to us, and to show our care for the parts of His Body that are hurting: people who are homeless, hungry, without employment, facing addictions, elderly and alone, and those with mental and physical disabilities.